Sunday, October 28, 2007

J.S.Bach - Three-Part Invention (Sinfonia) (3/3)

Sinfonia No.11 in G minor BWV.797
jsbach_bwv797.mid(5.45 KB/2'45")

Sinfonia No.12 in A major BWV.798
jsbach_bwv798.mid(7.13 KB/1'26")

Sinfonia No.13 in A minor BWV.799
jsbach_bwv799.mid(6.26 KB/1'46")

Sinfonia No.14 in B-flat major BWV.800
jsbach_bwv800.mid(6.11 KB/1'11")

Sinfonia No.15 in B minor BWV.801
jsbach_bwv801.mid(6.76 KB/1'08")

No.1 - No.5
J.S.Bach - Three-Part Invention (Sinfonia) (1/3)

No.6 - No.10
J.S.Bach - Three-Part Invention (Sinfonia) (2/3)

Composer : Johann Sebastian Bach(1685-1750)

Reference : Bach collection vol.4(Shunju-sha Publishing Company corp.)
ISBN-10 : 4393910044 / ISBN-13 : 978-4393910047

Production environment
Sound module : YAMAHA Soft Synthesizer S-YG20 version 1.102 : No.11 and No.13
Roland SC-88STPro : No.12, No.14 and No.15
Sequence software : MIDI Sequencer Cherry version 1.4.3
Computer spec : NEC PC-9821 Xa10, Windows 95, AMD K-6III 333MHz, 48MB SIMM : No.11 and No.13
Windows XP Home Edition SP1, Celeron 2.2GHz, 256MB DDR SDRAM : No.12, No.14 and No.15

Completion in April, 2000 - December, 2004